The next Erasmus+ deadline will be 2 FEBRUARY 2017. If you would like to attend one of our Immersion Courses in France or Spain for the session 2017-2018, please get in touch now or check our LFEE EUR


Our new on-line French course has been created specifically for Primary teachers who are already teaching French in their class or need support before they start introducing the language. It is aimed


We also helped SCILT/CISS develop a number of interactive stories for young learners of Chinese! You will find them there: Warriors! The Emperor's Incredible Army This animated book tells t


The e-books we developed in collaboration with Education Scotland have been published. They are free for all to watch and use. Enjoy! Follow the story of Angus and Dédé le detective, when they di


LFEE has been chosen to create web-based resources for Education Scotland, to help embed French language/culture across the curriculum at second and third level. These resources are available freely t